The Knowledge Cafe is one of the most popular sessions at any EVANZ Conference. Here are the notes from the topics we discussed in Nelson last month:

  1. Sustainability - zero waste initiatives 
  2. Retaining and recruiting staff both casual and FTE 
  3. Harassment/inclusivity in the workplace 
  4. Consumer behaviour post Covid – food and beverage, behaviour within venues, spending habits….will consumer behaviour be different from pre Covid to post Covid? 
  5. Building a programme with your local community- working with your local performing arts sector and community groups 
  6. Media relations and publicity – making sure your venue is on the front page for the right reasons 
  7. The drive for venue utilisation and community relevance 

If you'd like to explore these issues further with your peers, why not post your interest on the EVANZ Members Only Facebook page and we'll get some discussion groups going.

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